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The Silver Market’s Supply and Demand is Fundamentally Flawed

No one is surprised anymore when they hear that another big bank has been manipulating markets. It feels like every other week there is a $100 million settlement with the Forex market. The precious metals markets are no different.  Recently, an ex-UBS employee was arrested for spoofing the gold markets. UBS was of course immune [...]

5 Interesting Facts about Gold

5 Interesting Facts about Gold Almost all gold came from Meteorites Most of the worlds gold is at the center of the earth. There is enough gold to coat the entire surface of the earth with about 18 inches of the stuff. When the earth formed – it was a giant ball of molten rock [...]

7 Advantages of Owning Gold – Part Two: Inflation Protection

7 Solid Advantages of Owning Gold - #2 Protects Against Inflation   As a Wealth Coach, when I sit down with a new client to map out their wealth blueprint and strategic prosperity plan – I know that the easiest thing I have to explain to them is how gold will protect them against inflation [...]

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