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Casino America Part III: Lucky Number 7?

By: Aaron Lavinthal – 07/25/17 Casino America Part III: Lucky Number 7? Time to celebrate!  The U.S. economy has been in recovery from the trough of the Great Recession now for over 7 years!  Since that timeframe, the markets have soared to all-time highs and investors are rejoicing in jubilant fashion!  The Dow has gone [...]

Casino America Pt. 2: Still Feeling Lucky?

By: Aaron Lavinthal – 06/05/17   What a ride we have been on!  With absolute surety and gusto, the past 6 months have provided a rollercoaster of emotions within the political and economic spheres for U.S. investors. Since President Trump has assumed his position to lead our great nation for the next 4 years, we [...]