Scottsdale Gold & Silver ​Retirement Accounts

Absolute Diversification comes in the form of a Self Directed IRA.
How does a Self Directed IRA promote true diversification?

When financial advisors talk about diversifying you IRA, They usually mean investing in different sector of the stock market. These products can take the form of different stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ect. Absolute Diversification, extends beyond the stock market and it’s other paper type products. Although it’s true that the standard balanced portfolio will generally be safer than one which is asset specific, your retirement fund will still be at the mercy of market swings. An investor who is interested in greater safety and potential profitability should carefully consider rebalancing his/her retirement fund with real world assets. This rebalancing cannot be done with most standard IRA platforms, but instead requires a Self Directed IRA with its inherent flexibility.

We offer industry leading Self Directed IRA, Checkbook IRA, & Solo 401(k) products that allow you to invest outside of the traditional Wall Street stocks and Mutual funds, and yet still remain within the IRS definition of an approved retirement account.


 How does a Self Directed IRA Work?

  1. Scottsdale Gold and Silver starts the process by assisting you with the new application with a registered self directed IRA custodian.
  2. With the new self directed IRA in place, funds from your previous retirement accounts (IRA, 401(k) ect) are now rolled over or you can start a new account with an initial contribution.
  3. Scottsdale Gold and Silver assists you in setting up a LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  4. Funding occurs by instruction to the custodian to invest the self directed IRA in the LLC.
  5. Open a checking account at the bank of your choosing in the name of the LLC.
  6. Start investing

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