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How to Sell Your Gold Properly

How to Beat the Cash for Gold Dealers In the last 8 years, “We Buy Gold” shops have popped up everywhere. Gold has made some steady increases over the last decade and many businesses have been taking advantage of the increase demand. It’s sad that businesses that are not a part of the gold industry [...]

The Silver Market’s Supply and Demand is Fundamentally Flawed

No one is surprised anymore when they hear that another big bank has been manipulating markets. It feels like every other week there is a $100 million settlement with the Forex market. The precious metals markets are no different.  Recently, an ex-UBS employee was arrested for spoofing the gold markets. UBS was of course immune [...]

How is Gold Formed and How Did It Get Here?

It may surprise you to know that gold was never formed on earth. Almost all the gold that we are wearing on our person or storing in our safe at home – came from asteroids.  There is far more gold sitting in the core of the earth than has ever been on the surface. That [...]

5 Interesting Facts about Gold

5 Interesting Facts about Gold Almost all gold came from Meteorites Most of the worlds gold is at the center of the earth. There is enough gold to coat the entire surface of the earth with about 18 inches of the stuff. When the earth formed – it was a giant ball of molten rock [...]

7 Solid Advantages of Owning Gold – Part Four: Gold & Silver are Tangible Assets

7 Solid Advantages of Owning Gold - Gold & Silver are Tangible Assets Gold & Silver Coins, Jewelry, & Bullion are Real, Tangible Assets As a Wealth Advisor, one of the most vital concepts I need my client’s to understand is that – as an investment - gold and silver are in a class of [...]

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Buy Morgans Over Bullion

90% of precious metals investors jump straight into bullion coins. The American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Maple leafs are among the most popular and honestly, who can blame them. Precious metals are inexpensive and investor’s sentiment leads them to buy the cheapest thing possible. Unfortunately, that 90% do not understand how precious metals truly [...]

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South Africa is the home of 80% of the world’s platinum and mines roughly 70% of the platinum that we used in our day to day lives. In January of 2014, South Africa went through a 4 month long strike that may have damaged the industry in ways that have yet to surface. During the [...]

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History does not always repeat itself

History does not always repeat it’s self but it gives us a funny sense of déjà vu. Was 2008 so long ago that we have forgot what caused the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a sprawling global bank, in September 2008 almost brought down the world’s financial system. It took huge taxpayer-financed bail-outs to shore up [...]

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Self Directed IRA

Protection from Bankruptcy and creditors - By using a Self-Directed IRA, up to $1,000,000 of IRA assets are exempt from a bankruptcy under the US bankruptcy code. Many states also have laws that prohibit judgments from lawsuits to be satisfied by seizure of IRA assets and from creditors' attack against the IRA holder outside of [...]

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