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The Silver Market’s Supply and Demand is Fundamentally Flawed

No one is surprised anymore when they hear that another big bank has been manipulating markets. It feels like every other week there is a $100 million settlement with the Forex market. The precious metals markets are no different.  Recently, an ex-UBS employee was arrested for spoofing the gold markets. UBS was of course immune [...]

Interesting and Uncommon Uses for Silver

Most people associate silver with jewelry or coins. This doesn’t do the shiny metal justice. Silver is one of the most useful metals known to man. It is the finest known heat conductor as well as an excellent conductor of electricity. Humans have been using silver for industrial purposes for hundreds of years, but silver [...]

5 Uncommon and Interesting Ways Gold is Used

Most people have some idea that gold is used in electronics, jewelry and dentistry. I didn’t want to cover the common uses that everyone else knows about. Gold has so many interesting uses that don’t get talked about often so let’s talk about the lesser known and extremely interesting ways that gold is used in [...]

How to Tell if Your Gold and Silver is Real Home Tests – Videos Walkthroughs

Precious metal investors and jewelry purchasers are always concerned just how real the gold they are buying is and with good reason. The Chinese have become masters of faking gold bars and jewelry. A simple google search on “buy fake gold bars” will show you just how easy it can be and how real they [...]

Casino America Part III: Lucky Number 7?

By: Aaron Lavinthal – 07/25/17 Casino America Part III: Lucky Number 7? Time to celebrate!  The U.S. economy has been in recovery from the trough of the Great Recession now for over 7 years!  Since that timeframe, the markets have soared to all-time highs and investors are rejoicing in jubilant fashion!  The Dow has gone [...]

Casino America Pt. 2: Still Feeling Lucky?

By: Aaron Lavinthal – 06/05/17   What a ride we have been on!  With absolute surety and gusto, the past 6 months have provided a rollercoaster of emotions within the political and economic spheres for U.S. investors. Since President Trump has assumed his position to lead our great nation for the next 4 years, we [...]

Casino America: How Much Are You Gambling?

By: Aaron Lavinthal – 12/09/16   It’s been just over a month since our new President-elect Donald Trump was announced.  During the days proceeding, the paper markets started to see some drastic increases when others thought the markets would start to crumble, but why?  Many experts attribute the stock increase to the new policies proposed [...]

Make Your Portfolio Great Again: Investing Under Trump’s Presidency

By: Aaron Lavinthal – 11/11/16 Whether you are elated or enraged that Trump has emerged victorious as our new President of the US, the geopolitical and economic issues remain unresolved presently.  As the times change, the issues change and policies that go with it.  Economic climates change, reactions change and therefore your strategy for portfolio [...]