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How to Sell Your Gold Properly

How to Beat the Cash for Gold Dealers In the last 8 years, “We Buy Gold” shops have popped up everywhere. Gold has made some steady increases over the last decade and many businesses have [...]

The Silver Market’s Supply and Demand is Fundamentally Flawed

No one is surprised anymore when they hear that another big bank has been manipulating markets. It feels like every other week there is a $100 million settlement with the Forex market. The precious metals [...]

Fort Knox – Do They Really Have the Gold They Claim?

Is It All a Conspiracy Theory? Fort Knox, in Kentucky, is one of the most secure places on earth. This 109,000-acre United States Army fort is made up of 16,000 cubic feet of granite and [...]

Interesting and Uncommon Uses for Silver

Most people associate silver with jewelry or coins. This doesn’t do the shiny metal justice. Silver is one of the most useful metals known to man. It is the finest known heat conductor as well [...]

How is Gold Formed and How Did It Get Here?

It may surprise you to know that gold was never formed on earth. Almost all the gold that we are wearing on our person or storing in our safe at home – came from asteroids.  [...]

5 Uncommon and Interesting Ways Gold is Used

Most people have some idea that gold is used in electronics, jewelry and dentistry. I didn’t want to cover the common uses that everyone else knows about. Gold has so many interesting uses that don’t [...]

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